We inform you that the new telephone number of the Information Office (OIRS), is
600-626-4222, the hours call is from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm. The office hours attendance is from 8.30 am to 2.00 pm.

In this page you will find all the information available to understand, initiate and complete an immigration procedure, for tourist, residence and definite permanence permits, among others, independently of the place in which you are located.

You will also be able to access useful information, such as the necessary documents to leave the country with a minor or the requirements to obtain the definite permanence in our country.

-Departure of Minors from the Country

Implementation of the agreement regarding procedures to verify the documents of minors entrance and departure, subscribed between the member states of Mercosur and associated governments.  (See PDF document)

-Definite Permanence Permits

REMEMBER that one of the requisites to opt for the Permanent Residence is not to exceed the period of 180 days outside the country during the last year of residence, in accordance to that which is established in Art. 82 section 2º, of the Regulations for Aliens Status and Immigration.

-Permanent Residence and Definite Permanence

The Civil Registry and Identification Service has informed that the applications for Residence Permits and Definite Residence permits will not be issued with identification containing signs and/or accents that do not correspond to the Spanish language.

Letter of Citizen Rights of the Institution ,  (see Letter of Rights and Obligations for the User).

Ministerio del Interior

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